Marazico uno dei Sensi

While some were busy beating their head against the wall once or a couple thousands time over (me), others were useful and translated this article which showcases the peculiar way in which the club has been treated the past decade. Read it, you really have to. It's that important.

Seeing €9 million owed to this site's inspiration and, well, this guy each is unpleasant. Further hundreds of thousands owed to other former players paint a vivid picture: Roma has had a very relaxed relationship with settling its debts. It's not something I take pride in, but they're partly forgivable given Roma's financial troubles. Or so we, I, thought. The wages of Roma's directors were public knowledge even before the due diligence, but we didn't know one of them earning €536.000 qualified for a €200.000 personal loan from the club. Or that the club foots the bill for Rosella's pediatrician. Or who the 189 retirees are who Rosella has signed contracts with during the past five years.

This is information we know due to the due diligence carried out by Rothschild. If you're one of the persons mentioned in the Repubblica article, you have two choices: (1) contest the information in Rothschild 's due diligence. Since that probably won't get you anywhere seeing how it's Rothschild and they're kinda like a big deal, you're left with: (2) don't say anything, because you have nothing to say.

As he was wont to thirty years ago on the pitch, Bruno Conti found another way, one seemingly impossible to go down: (3) don't deny any of the information about your loan, just say you feel defamed by being mentioned in that way.

No, that's not how this works. No one was really questioning Bruno in this affair in the first place, but the loan given to him is a perfect example of a club with horrible priorities. Hence its merit as a topic. While owing ex players over twenty million euro and being consistently late with paying current players, loaning out money to a highly overpaid director (with what duties, exactly? One of life's great mysteries) is arguably the worst decision that could have been made. Short of throwing money away, could there be a more backwards way of handling the club's finances? In making his objections to being defamed (by the facts), Bruno Conti used his history in the club as a shield. I wish he hadn't. Don't force me to resent you for creating false narratives for your own benefit. Don't do this. Shut up, pay back the money you owe within the time limit agreed upon (however lax that was). Then we'll take it from there and see what can be done. Just don't go acting like a victim for facts.