US Roma?

No sooner did the ink dry on the contract before word slipped out of the new owners intention to redesign the lupetto logo. Here we go, right? In comes the Americans with their insensitivity to traditions, always looking to squeeze out another dollar where possible.

Please, enough already.

When er lupetto was introduced thirty three years ago, it too was a marketing trick brought out with the full intention of invigorating the brand and sell a lot more merchandise. Then president Anzalone did something far more radical than anything DiBenedetto is looking to do, according to the current speculations; he abandoned completely la lupa capitolina, which we now (and then) associate so strongly with the club and city. His wasn't a redesign and modernization of a secondary logo, it was a complete shifting of course which looked to capitalize on the fans and distract from a bad period for the club. Er lupetto was the original sin, the original sell-out. If DiBenedetto, as has been reported, is looking to touch up on a very dated 80's style logo and change its color into the red Roma is known for rather than this black little story, then by all means. I write this as someone who has never taken the lupetto to heart, but also as someone who would rather wait and see what it looks like before we start decrying the ruthless Americans. If the reports are somewhat correct, we're dealing with a modern update of a secondary logo which I like to pretend doesn't exist anyway. No more than that. And while I object wholly to all intentions and attempts to dabble with la lupa capitolina, it's important to note that touch-ups are an entirely common aspect of logos, even sports logos. Roma has in its 80-and-change years had seven different logos already, most of them hasn't had a wolf anywhere near it.

On the other hand: you're killing me slowly, romanisti with American paraphernalia at the stadium. I'm excited that this is happening, too. I'm glad this club is no longer a hostage to the Sensi family's inability to shift into the next gear. Let's try to look a little less ridiculous though, shall we? Roma's colors are well known and, dare I say, beautiful. Putting on a ridiculous hat or waving an American flag is the laziest way to show your support for the deal, it's settling for the lowest common denominator. You're killing me slowly with your insult to the fine traditions of clever and witty fan manifestations.