Day 2

Losses usually gnaw at you for several days, infesting you from within.

This one is different.

What happened on Sunday was regrettable, but it's as if we looked around after the final whistle, surprised to have made it through the crash unharmed, dusted ourselves off and asked "what's next?". There were no split fractions afterwards, there were no talking points worth rehashing. There were no protests against the missing points, the missing revolution, the missing instant success.

There was instead a bit more than tacit acknowledgment that it will take time. Which it will. Having spent Monday questioning myself why I'm so at peace with the loss against Cagliari, I think I'm landing on this: it doesn't really matter. Unlike previous years when Roma was in win-now at-least-TRY-to-win-now-for-the-love-of mode and when the financial model required it, cracking the top 3 isn't a must this year. All this hinges on Franco Baldini and Walter Sabatini being fully aware with what will it will take for this permanent revolution to take place, of course. But other than that, more time for an ever-younger team to adapt to each other and their new-found style should be available. As this summer showed, you can still strengthen suitably even while out of the Champions League. Though the tournament is no doubt an alluring extra to dangle in front of recruits' eyes, it is not as if not being in it shuts you out from a convenient super market into a post-apocalyptic wasteland where you may or may not have any transferable skills.

Come what may against Inter, this show is continuing.