At Any Corner Kick the Feeling of Absurdity Can Strike Any Man in the Face

It was always highly unlikely that among this site's three weekly readers were Luis Enrique or any of Roma's defenders. I know, it was a long shot in the dark. But universe, you didn't have to be so blunt about it. You didn't have to rub it in my face. How else am I supposed to react to your response to my plea for some sense of normalcy in the defensive phase after Genoa last time out? It feels like you're taunting me by making Roma repeat the same mistakes, even trump them.

Tonight had nothing to do with suffering defensively because of an offensive mindset. It had little to do with Milan being that good (as succinct as possible: they weren't). It was just easily avoidable mistakes which could, and probably would, happen even if Roma had tried to play it safe. I'm still with you on creating an identity for this team, it's absolutely necessary and it wasn't why Roma lost anyway. Keep doing you. But since you brought it up—what is up with Roma's game plan only coming alive when a 19 year old Argentinean kid takes to the pitch? And what is up with him having to come on as opposed to starting the game? With him, Roma gained the decisiveness lacked thus far in the last third of the pitch. I can't have been the only one noticing Roma being meek to the point of piousness when it came to attacking and penetrating Milan's defense, leading to an unusually and undesired high number of shots by Pizarro. (I'll always ride for il Pek, but shots from outside the penalty area is not what he should be doing.) 

That was a lot of questions for one very dull game, questions I am sure the universe is already working on answering for me in the most brutal of ways.