On Absurd Heroes

When Genoa scored for 1-0, I thought to myself that this can't be life. When Genoa scored for 2-1, I thought to myself that perhaps I'd been too hasty in my disbelief. What difference is there, after all, between losing like tonight and losing like we've grown accustomed to over the years?

You see, Roma is Sisyphus. Nothing ever really changes.

I like the approach the attempt to try a different brand of football, it pleases me that we're trying something new. But giving up goals like that has no excuse. I don't even think it has a strong correlation to the way we played for the other 92 minutes of the game. But it's not coming from a strong position when two or three moments of radio static in the players can cost so dearly. The opening goal was scored on a counterattack entirely masterminded and executed by Roma; Heinze fumbled with the ball, Pizarro was too inattentive to repair the damage. DDR lost his man, who scored. The game winning goal was even more frustrating; you cannot under any circumstances leave two players unmarked at the far post.

I don't know how; but fix this. I don't know who; but fix this. There is not love of Roma without despair about Roma, true enough, but losing like this over and over pillages our minds.