Annamo a vince

You didn't hear?

Like Totti before him, DDR has now fulfilled his own legacy. Starting from when he was probably too young, too far away from that decision deadline, he's been anointed as the next in line. For years he was the future captain, the next ultima bandiera, both titles passed down from Totti. But until now, the moniker has felt as half wishful thinking, an exercise in positive reinforcement while hoping for it, and half expectation. Sometimes the balance has even shifted in the one or the other direction. But nowcontract signed, intention laid down—he takes the step to the other side where he joins Totti, who made his final choice a few years ago. You're free to try imagining the previous sentence without seeing the final scene from Return of the Jedi, but you know...good luck with that.

I think that the fact that other teams gave him so lucrative offers that you'd be foolish not to even consider them makes the gesture of staying in Rome all the more powerful, all the more significant. Were there no real temptation elsewhere we'd still be glad. Now we're glad and proud, because he looked out and saw many other attractivecertainly more lucrativeoffers yet chose to stay.

He's paid a lot of money to do so? Of course he is. No one plays for free, except for Damiano Tommasi. And though my love for Tommasi grew to immeasurable quantities for that gesture, I was embarrassed that AS Roma took him up on the offer and agreed to pay him the minimum wage allowed by law. I don't believe it flatters the club to take advantage of those who declare love for it by offering lower wages than for others. All I care about is that Daniele De Rossi is one of the best midfielders around, a captain for years alreadynow set to be one for many more yearsand for the privilege of seeing him play for Roma he needs to get paid. Everything else is just chatter.