The Baron Danglars in London

This weekend flipped open the pages of history, in more ways than one. Gianluca Vialli tweeted, and if those words alone doesn't provoke a deep dislike for social media, the content of his tweet and the reactions from the hordes of fans tripping over themselves to express their support for Vialli's supposed GOTCHA! moment surely did the trick. Right then and there, my thoughts addressed to Twitter were laden with profanity for having submitted me to something so provokingly dumb. In any case, Vialli saddled up and gave his best rendition of a man having fell asleep in front of entirely too many legal dramas on television, and asked how Zeman would feel if anyone would begin to suspect how his Pescara team can run so much. I personally think that—assuming he's aware of the insinuation at all—Zeman chuckled briefly and lit up a cigarette.

There's video of Vialli giving testimony in a court of law that he's taken sedatives used to regulate heart rhythm during open chest surgery and anti-depressives. Conversely, there's abundant documentation of how Zeman has his players work. Running up and down stairs is tough, it's demonstratively not for every team or player. But it does create a team with the energy Vialli feigned attraction of. If Vialli has any more clever quips, he can ask Totti his feelings on the matter. It's been 13 years since Totti underwent an infamous Zeman preseason, yet that was the first thing that came to his mind when asked about how hard Luis Enrique has them working now. Champions are made of that, not of sedatives and antidepressants. That's why last night, Totti broke another record held for half an eternity by another legend. They pass the torch to one another, linked not only by natural talent and dedication to their club, but also by a work ethic few have rivaled.

Vialli would do well to remember that, the next time his bitterness gets the better of him.