Juve vs Borriello vs Roma vs Palermo

The chance to be the first team to defeat this Juventus, the first to claim a scalp at the eponymous stadium, provided plenty of stimuli. Somewhere in the far distance lured the prospect of winning the race to be to first to claim ten wins in the tournament, but right there and then the challenge was likely the only thing that mattered.

And for the start of the game, Roma looked up to it. But then a regrettable mistake galvanized the home team, in what would appear to have been based on video game arithmetics, because Roma lost energy and confidence by the same amount Juve gained it. Luis Enrique defended the team afterwards, and said that there wasn't that big a difference separating the two teams. "Details are fundamental in games such as this one", he said.

True, details and circumstance did play into Juventus' hands, but last night all of the details fell to Juve. And therein lies the devil, to cite the proverb.

I'm not here to argue that losing last night didn't matter. It did, and it does matter. And it could even be a good thing. Hat's off to Juventus. They're ahead of us in both standings and readiness, built on a more solid foundation. As you'd expect, and in more ways than one given the winds of change that's blown through Trigoria and that Juventus has been able to break in a defense over 20 weeks, while Roma's change shape and personnel too often due to injuries and a general level of Kjaer-ness.

Winning would have been better, but there's nothing to say last night wasn't important all the same. You get better by playing ones better than you, that's how you grow. This was a good temperature check, and that's all I'll concede. I refute all talk which resurfaced after the game about Roma being back to not creating chances, being back to that game in Firenze. We're not, this was a loss to a better team. Now we work to change that until we play them again in April.