Now As a Man I'm Doing What I Was a Boy Doing

Below an abbreviated, and far from exhaustive, list of players and coaches who have made the sport better. The thin red and yellow line that ties them together is that each and every single one of them—from Gunnar Nordahl in 1957 to Francesco Totti in 2012—have worked with Giorgio Rossi.

Gunnar Nordahl
Fabio Capello
Roberto Pruzzo
Giacomino Losi
Bruno Conti
Agostino Di Bartolomei
Zdenek Zeman
Peppe Giannini
Sergio Santarini
Pierino Prati
Toninho Cerezo
Nils Liedholm
Gabriel Batistuta
Carletto Ancelotti
Alcides Ghiggia
Herbert Prohaska
Helenio Herrera
Francesco Totti
Luciano Spalletti
Vincenzo Montella
Pep Guardiola

Tomorrow night is the last time he'll sit on a bench during a game in Rome, his retirement beckoning at the end of the season. He's 91 81.